In 1918 the “Shoukousha Watch Research Institute” was founded, later to become “CITIZEN Watch Co.”. The founder of the brand opened a school to train his employees to become true craftsmen. The first CITIZEN watch was developed in 1924. Citizen Eco Drive watches are known for their extreme reliability,

Watches were a luxury product, but CITIZEN wanted to make more affordable watches. Therefore the mayor of Tokyo named first Shoukousha Watch Research Institute watch “CITIZEN”.

Since 1918 the CITIZEN brand statement is “Better Starts Now. That means, who ever you are and what ever you do, it is always possible to do it better and NOW is the time to start! Citizen constantly developes new watches and technology, like their Citizen Eco Drive technology with light drive and the satellite Wave Timing-system.

Eco-Drive technology

In 1976, Citizen developed worlds first analogue watch powered by light. Citizen calls this technology Eco Drive. Thanks to this technology, the watch charges itself with light. Not only sunlight, but also indoor lightning is sufficient. The watch does not need a battery. Even dim light is enough to keep the watch running for months. Also in the dark. Citizen is a pioneer in light-source powered watches.

Today, CITIZEN Watch is a genuine watchmaker’s workshop with an extensive manufacturing process ranging from the development and manufacture of the individual components of a watch to its final assembly. The company operates in more than 100 countries around the world.

The European Headquarters was founded in 1969 in Hamburg. Sales, marketing and service are located here.

CITIZEN is looking forward to the future with anticipation, but is also working on the continuous improvement of the latest innovations. All these activities are based on their conviction that “For each and every one of us Citizen employees the time has come to make this world a better place”. This is the vision of the company that underlies the “BETTER STARTS NOW” brand statement. By continuing to build on their achievements and breaking new ground, they enable their customers worldwide to wear watches of the highest quality.