LELUNE Glamour Pearls

LELUNE GLAMOUR is inspired by a modern, dynamic, versatile woman who wants to be “Glamour”, fashionable, without sacrificing elegance.
Jewelry in silver 925% with natural freshwater pearls, stones and hematite

The LELUNE GLAMOUR pearls collections maintain the character and preciousness that have always distinguished COSCIA JEWELRY.  Reference company in the field of cultured pearls, Coscia, founded in 1919, is a guarantee of quality, experience and attention in the selection of pearls and in the artisan goldsmith manufacturing processes for over 1 century

The Design: the creative atelier of Coscia, has characterized LELUNE GLAMOUR with everyday collections that are well suited both to the casual day look and to the most sought after outfit for the evening, conquering a vast female audience. The choice to present new collections regularly every 6 months with Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter   proposals allows you to be constantly in step with current trends.

LELUNE Glamour pearls and jewels are made in Italy by expert goldsmith masters in compliance with the highest quality standards.

Raw materials, pearls, diamonds, precious and semi-precious stones are carefully selected and controlled by our gemological laboratory.

To the woman who wants to be desired and admired.

To the passionate lover who lives on emotions.

To the dreamer who get lost in the starry night.

LELUNE… and dreams come true

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