Ref.: ke2150-503-ke2150-503-6

– Necklace with pendant in blackened 925 Sterling silver with stone inlay in labradorite with iridescent play of colours
– Coin chain pendant with the earth sign in an elaborate cut-out design on the front and the motif of a mountain landscape on the back
– Jewellery set with adjustable Venetian chain

Down-to-earth, persevering, disciplined and reliable – these are the characteristics of the element earth, whose symbol adorns the coin pendant of this jewellery set with necklace. It is designed as an elaborate cut-out motif and is particularly impressive when set against a shiny metallic stone inlay of labradorite. The coin chain pendant is designed on both sides with several layers. Its back is adorned with a 925 Sterling silver relief showing a mountain landscape that matches the element of earth.
The adjustable necklace with pendant is made of high-quality blackened 925 Sterling silver. It is an ideal talisman for a favourite person.