Ref.: ke2119-945-7

Length: 40-42-45 cm

– Inspired by the nocturne sky: Necklace for women with stars and crescent moon made of blackened 925 Sterling silver
– Detailed piece of art with separate filigree star elements, a crescent moon and gemstone elements with round cut glass-ceramic stones, zirconia stones, and synthetic spinels
– Extension chain with small pendant at the end and three eyelets at 40, 42.5 and 45 cm

An invitation to dreams: The elegant necklace made of blackened 925 Sterling silver reflects the beauty of the nocturne firmament. It is lavishly crafted with individual star and moon elements. These are decorated by hand with faceted glass-ceramic stones, synthetic spinels, and zirconia stones in dark blue, light blue, and purple. Round cut gemstones artistically connect the single elements. The piece of jewellery has an extension chain with three eyelets and a small pendant with star element and white zirconia stones at the end. The length can be adjusted from 40, over 42.5 to 45 cm.