Ref.: tr2377-959-7

Price: € 198,-

– Signet ring made from yellow gold-plated 925 Sterling silver, decorated with faceted glass-ceramic stones, synthetic spinel and zirconia stones
– With moon and star ornament that turns on its own axis
– Lateral star elements on the ring band

Cosmic guide: The moveable moon and star element in the centre is the highlight of this highly detailed signet ring which is made from 925 Sterling silver with yellow gold-plating. It turns on its own axis, is designed with cut-outs and adorned with glass-ceramic stones, synthetic spinel and zirconia stones. Decide for yourself and choose the side that fits your mood: Turn upwards either the one that is decorated with sparkling colourful stones or the clean one. This ring for women is inspired by the night sky and is perfectly suitable as personal lucky charm or as gift for your loved ones.