Ref.: h2207-959-7

– Earrings for women with crescent moon or star within the mix & match style made of 925 Sterling silver with 18k yellow gold plating
– Setting with round cut glass-ceramic stones in dark blue, synthetic spinels in light blue and purple zirconia stones
– Detailed handcrafted design

Cosmic lucks charm: Stars represent unity, hope and luck. The moon is a cosmic signpost. Both symbols are artistically combined within the mix & match style ear pendants made of 925 Sterling silver. The crescent moon and the star are designed with many details and handcrafted with intensely shining round cut stones. The earrings with a high-quality 18k yellow gold plating are inspired by the sparkling nocturnal firmament and decorated on the back side with an engraved moon or star. Due to its symbolism, this special ear jewellery is a perfect present for a favourite person.