Ref.: a2009-966-2

– Bracelet for men with fine tiger’s eye rolls and centrepiece made from blackened 925 Sterling silver and 18k yellow-gold plating
– Inspired by the four elements: fire, water, air and earth and their influence on the zodiac signs
– Put on and take off easily thanks to the length-adjustable macramé clasp

Show your connection to nature with this bracelet for men made from tiger’s eye rolls inspired by the four elements and their influence on the 12 zodiac signs. The pendant right in the middle of the bracelet is hand-crafted lovingly with various geometrical designs on both sides. Fine engravings, different levels and the fine 18k yellow-gold plating add to the piece of jewellery’s meticulous design. Precisely worked prong settings made from blackened 925 Sterling silver frame the coin and create interesting bi-colour effects. The bracelet for men can be adjusted to the wrist individually thanks to the macramé clasp. Each piece is a true unicum due to the different natural texture of the tiger’s eye.