Ref.: pe934-637-21

– Chain pendant Tree of Love in blackened 925 Sterling silver
– Elaborately handcrafted with cut-outs, leaves in 3D-effect and detailed ornamentation
– Pendant designed on both sides, rotates on its own axis

Bring peace into your life: The tree of life motif is inspired by nature and stands for energetic strength, balance, growth and support. It is intricately crafted by hand from blackened 925 Sterling silver in this cut-out pendant. The tree can rotate on its own axis and the outer ring is engraved with THOMAS SABO. The leaves have a 3D-effect and are adorned with detailed ornamentation on the front and back. This means that the chain pendant of the Tree of Love can be worn from either side – on a short or long necklace from the THOMAS SABO portfolio.
The combination of symbolic power and stylish elegance makes this piece of jewellery a special talisman and an excellent gift for your favourite people.