Hans D. Krieger jewellery is famous for his work with gemstones. Especially diamonds! Rough stones are selected, cut and polished to perfection to make them ready to shine in a beautiful new design.

The designs by Hans D. Krieger are classic and at the same time modern and timeless in their beauty. These pieces of jewellery are perfect to be passed through generation by generation.

A passion for jewellery has been passed down through the generations of Hans D. Krieger. This ongoing fascination for precious things is embodied in the creations of Hans D. Krieger today.

All stages of the manufacturing process, from conception to completion, are watched over in house with care, love and attention to detail. 

Our enthusiasm for the jeweller’s art produces unique creations and small series. Perfectly put together in manufacture and proportion, our jewellery is classic and yet modern, timeless in its beauty. 

Perfect, enduring craftsmanship. Eternally elegant design uniting the most precious materials. Hans D. Krieger jewellery style is recognisable in its use of fabulous natural colour. The jewellery created by Hans D. Krieger awakens the desire to wear and possess something special, to enjoy them and to hand them on for the next generation to enjoy.

Centuries of experience and a keen sense of timeless design, a passion for traditional craftsmanship handed down through the generations and the use of innovative technology: this is how Hans D. Krieger creates its fine masterpieces

As a fourth-generation family business, Hans D. Krieger has the special responsibility to preserve and develop the acquired legacy of values, traditions and expertise for future generations. The basis for their long-standing success at Hans D. Krieger are corporate values that shape their daily thoughts and actions.