Luminox has a unique, self supplying lightning system. Without having to push any button or hold the watch in the light, the time is always visible, up to 25 years! Therefore the watches are essential for the United States Navy Seals and professionals worldwide! These watches are light weighted and shock proof! Most of the watches have a CARBONOX™ Carbon Compound case and

The ALWAYS VISIBLE function is powered by an innovative Luminox Light Technology (LLT). This is a self-powered illumination system that uses tiny micro gas light tubes. These gas tubes create perfect visibility in complete darkness.

This is a unique and advanced Swiss technology and it provides the watches with a constant glow 24/7 for up to 25 years! Where other brands use phosphorescent paint on the markers of their watches, or solar-powered technology that requires external light sources to produce a temporary luminous effect, Luminox watches do not rely on external sources.

Luminox watches are important for professionals like Navy SEALs, SCUBA legend Stan Waterman, the US Coast Guard, law enforcement divers and many more for the past 25 years.

Luminox and Bear Grylls

Bear Grylls is world’s most recognized man of survival and outdoor adventures. He is a specialist in survival and navigating some of the most extreme landscapes to be found on our planet. In 2020, Luminox announced a long-term partnership with Bear Grylls with the introduction of the first timepieces.

The Survival Collection timepieces has for series: The Sea, Air, Land and Master series. Each with their own special features that will help you conquer any conditions. These special details combine with the legendary ability of Luminox watches to perform in extreme situations. That makes the partnership with Bear Grylls perfect in every way.


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